How are we going to get out of this? We have an army of undead all around and god knows where we are! I know that there is little to no chance of us surviving, even if we make it through this challenge, there will just be another waiting for us. And while the enemy grows with each fallen survivor our numbers only grow smaller, and our resources dwindle more and more. What’s the point in fighting, if there’s no hope of victory?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Haven Chapter 4

Book 2: Haven

     Chapter 4 

     There was an achingly long silence after the bite was revealed. We didn't know what to do, we'd never seen an actual infected person before, not one who had been bitten anyway. Kyle was the first to react though, pushing me away. Connor reacted next, drawing his gun and aiming it at Kyle's head.

     I backed out of the cell and Andria shut it behind me. 'What should we do?' she asked, but it was unclear who she was asking. 'Well we're not going to just shoot him,' I said, nodding my head an Connor's gun still pointing at Kyle who had retreated to the back of the cell. 'Why not?' Connor said, not taking his eyes off the prisoner, 'there's nothing else we can do for him'
     'Who don't know that for sure,' I argued, I didn't really want to see someone's brains splattered on the wall of a cell no matter who they were.

      For the first time Connor turned to look at me. For a moment he said nothing, mulling it over. 'Fine,' he said eventually, lowering his gun, just as we were about to tell the others we heard laughter from the cell. Kyle was now lying down, his back against the wall, 'you people are weak,' he said through his laughter, 'if I was back with the others I'd be dead already'
     'Don't tempt me,' I answered back, trying to sound intimidating, by the increase in laughter I don't think it worked. Connor turned to Andria as we were leaving, 'stay here and keep an eye on him, if he does anything come and get us.'

     We gathered everyone except Steven and Simon, who were watching the roads. 'So what have you found out?' Nicole asked first
     'His names Kyle,' I said, 'him and their leader, Anthony, are the only ones that survived'
     'If you call that surviving,' Connor grunted
     'What do you mean?' Will asked him
     'Kyle's been bitten,' I said quickly. There was another long silence as that sunk in. Daphne was the first to speak, 'well what are we waiting for then? shouldn't we... you know' I crossed my arms
     'No I don't,  do what Daphne?'
     'Kill him,' she said quickly, swallowing
     'Of course,' I handed her my gun, 'go ahead.' She looked at the gun for a moment, her eyes wide.      'Well?' I asked shoving the gun at her, but Nicole moved forward and took it off me, 'for christ's sake,' she looked at me, 'you done?' I looked at her annoyed at myself for losing my temper, 'sorry'
     'I'll do it,' Wendy piped up and reached her hand out for the gun, 'I'm fine with doing it'
     'That's probably healthy,' Will said sarcastically
     'Look,' she explained, 'the way I see it is he's basically one of the dead already, what's the point of prolonging the inevitable and risking our safety'
     'She has a point,' Connor said. Great now my girlfriends on the same side as him, I thought, 'but there could still be something we can do for him,' I looked at everyone, 'anything. Nicole! You're a sciency person, maybe you could some sort of test?'
     'Oh sure,' she replied, 'I'll just hop into the fully equipped bioengineering lab that I packed' I ignored her
     'Will! Was there anything from the hospital that we could use?' he shook is head, 'there's nothing we can do for him?'
     'There's one thing,' Brooke said coldly, cocking her revolver. But at that time we were interrupted by a scream, it was Andria.

     We all ran into the other room to find Andria running towards us. 'What happened?' I asked
     'He-he turned,' she sobbed, 'he kept running at the bars until,' she gasped at the memory, 'his shoulder broke and he got out so I ran'
     'Is he behind you?'
     'No, I locked the doors'
     'What about the other one?' Connor asked. But Andria didn't answer him, just looked at him in fear. We left Andria with Will and Nicole to try and calm her down while the rest of us went searching for zombie Kyle. 'Where does that door lead?' I asked Connor, he blinked while trying to remember
    'The main office area, then the entrance,' he replied. I stopped, 'he's outside?!'

     Daniel was feeling confident about the future of this place, there didn't seem to be any dead around for a while and the place was easily defensible. Also with the generator they had electricity, which would help. His thoughts and optimism were shattered however when he heard shooting from behind him. A deadman, the marauder they'd brought in was running straight toward him, with Simon shooting inaccurately behind him. He raised his gun, with Kyle running toward him he hoped he had little chance at missing him entirely. He pulled the trigger, heard a click, but no bang. The gun had jammed, Daniel had no idea what had happened or what he could do about. Suddenly all he could think about was the zombie ripping him apart. His sense returned to him and he began to run in the opposite direction, away from the zombie, away from the station.

     We came out the station to find Simon frantically trying to reload. I turned and saw Kyle, his right arm flapping uselessly as he ran, chasing after Daniel. 'Why is it he firing?' Connor asked
     'Does it matter?' I asked incredulously as I began to run after them, hoping to get a better shot.
I couldn't lose Daniel, I wouldn't, leadership struggle or no I never wanted to see another friend die. Losing Caleb was hard, but they'd just met and I wasn't physically there. To see someone I'd known since high school die right in front of me, and in such a horrific way, I couldn't even think about without it tearing at my mind. I had to catch him. But a shot rang out, louder than a handgun, and I saw dead-Kyle collapse, it's head in pieces. I span around and saw Brooke lower a rifle, and casually walk back into the station.

Author's note: my laptop's been broken so it's been difficult to write, but I've found another method now so I may be able to write more, but there are some formatting issues so i apologise for that in advance