How are we going to get out of this? We have an army of undead all around and god knows where we are! I know that there is little to no chance of us surviving, even if we make it through this challenge, there will just be another waiting for us. And while the enemy grows with each fallen survivor our numbers only grow smaller, and our resources dwindle more and more. What’s the point in fighting, if there’s no hope of victory?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Haven Chapter 8

Chapter 8

'Todd! Todd are you there?' a voice, Wendy's voice yelled through the broken windows. The three of us inside, who were frozen in fear only moments before, ran to the window. 'Wendy! Wendy!' I yelled as I grabbed her bloody hands, 'are you alright?'
'Yes, we're fine, I just cut my hands breaking the glass'
'Well that wasn't very smart,' I laughed, the terror of moments before gone in an instant, 'why didn't you use a rock?'
'What?' Wendy stopped laughing, 'there are zombies trapping you inside a police station, and my cut hands are what your concerned about? Really?'
'She's right,' Connor chimed in, 'its good to know you're safe Wendy but we still can't get out'
'What about the generator, have you gotten it out?' she replied
'Not yet,' Daniel answered, 'its welded to the floor I-I can't get it out.' The panic and fear in his voice was obvious.

'I have an idea,' Simon called, appearing in the window, I'd forgotten he'd stayed behind with Wendy. He pushed something through, and I had to move out of the way before it knocked my out. A pile of heavy chains struck the floor making a jarring sound. Outside I heard several moans, and I realised we wouldn't be alone for much longer. 'Shit,' I cursed loudly, and then called to Simon, 'what's your plan?'
'Tie the chains to the brackets welded to the floor,' he explained quickly, I almost missed it, 'then I'll pull it out with the car'
'Are you sure thats a good idea?' Connor asked pessimistically
  'Do have a different one,' Wendy answered. I turned to Daniel, 'will it work?'
'More importantly will it break the generator in the process?' Connor interrupted as Daniel grasped for words. Daniel kept opening and closing his mouth and shaking his head, I asked again, 'Daniel, focus, think, take a deep breath,' he did so, and he stopped breathing so heavily, 'now, will this work?'
'Yes,' he replied finally, and I could tell in his eyes he was sure.

We got to work quickly, Connor dragged a work bench to barricade the door and buy as a little more time. Daniel worked hard to find the best place to attach the chains, while I called Will over the radio. 'Will, Will are you there?' I asked, the few moments of static after asking sending "worst-case-scenarios" through my head
'Yeah, Todd I'm here, its good to hear you,' He replied, his voice showing his fear, 'are you out yet?'
'No, we're still trying to get the generator out, Wendy and Simon are helping us though'
'Good, good,' his voice calmed down a little, 'and Connor, and Daniel?'
'They're fine too'
'Good, good,' I heard quieter voice, Nicole was talking to him, then Will spoke again, 'Right, right I'll ask him, Todd you still there?'
'Yes Will,' I was starting to get irritated at his flustered state, wasn't Will kind of the leader at first?
'Were do you want us to meet up,' I heard the Nicole's voice again, 'We think maybe the school, or back to the clinic?'
'No,' I replied quickly, I had already thought about this, 'head to the warehouse we raided before, there should still be some supplies there and we can still be pretty sure that its empty'
'Right, okay we'll head there then, good luck, and keep us updated'
'Will do, good luck.'

Daniel signaled me to say he was done, and I called out to Wendy that we were ready. We heard an engine start outside and soon the chain became tighter and began the strain, the metal welded to the floor began to groan and the three of us moved behind an overturned desk. The suspense was horrible, and as we were waiting the dead in the station made their way through the hallways to the barricaded door. Their hands hit the door, making us jump, the door had a small window of glazed glass so I couldn't see how many were there, but I could distinguish at least three sets on hands, leaving blood smeared along the glass.

The horrible groaning sounded of strained metal got louder and more frequent, and the force and hunger driving the dead outside increased, testing the strength of the glass. But finally there was a tremendous snap, and shards of broken metal flew across the room, making me thankful we hid. We looked up and saw that the generator was now only held to the floor by a small bit of metal, that would soon break. 'Stop!' Daniel shouted out the window to the others, and soon enough the chain became loose
'Why did you do that?' I asked, 'its still connected to the floor'
'I don't want to damage it anymore than we have to,' he answered hastily.

As he finished speaking the glass in the door shattered, and Connor backed away, covered in bits of glass. In their desperate rush to get through the opening several zombies got stuck in the gap, cutting themselves severely on he glass remaining. 'Well what else can we do?' I asked Daniel fast, 'we don't have that much time'
'One second!' Daniel exclaimed as he pushed past me and began searching through the mess of tools in his bag. Eventually he pulled out a pair of metal cutters, as he went to work I went to the door, and began using a broken piece of metal to kill the dead struggling to reach us. As they fell their bodies became slack they further inhibited the other's progress. Connor help lift the generator as Daniel began cutting the metal holding it in place 'where did you get that anyway?' Connor asked, it suddenly occurred to him they didn't have these kind of tools at the station
'We found it in one of the cars we pilfered for fuel,' Daniel explained, not looking away from his work, 'before we met you, while the others were at the hospital.'

Eventually the metal piece I was using got stuck, and I backed away, hoping what I'd done would be enough. Wendy's voice came through the window, 'what's going on? Did it work?'
'Almost there,' Daniel answered, straining, until finally with a loud snap the bit of metal holding the generator to the floor broke, and Connor almost fell backwards as the resistance suddenly disappeared. 'Okay the generator's free' I yelled to Wendy, 'but the doors blocked, there's no way we can get out'
'Me and Simon thought of that, stand back,' Wendy replied in a worrying tone. I gestured to the others, and Connor hauled the generator over as Daniel and I hid behind a table, fearing the worst. My mind raced with all the possible plans they could have to get us out. But I always knew what they were planning, I just didn't want to admit it. But eventually my fears were proven, as Connor's car, Wendy and Simon inside, came crashing through the wall, sending debris everywhere.