How are we going to get out of this? We have an army of undead all around and god knows where we are! I know that there is little to no chance of us surviving, even if we make it through this challenge, there will just be another waiting for us. And while the enemy grows with each fallen survivor our numbers only grow smaller, and our resources dwindle more and more. What’s the point in fighting, if there’s no hope of victory?

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dead Final Chapter (24)

Book 1: The Dead

Chapter 24

‘Sorry that was my fault,’ he said, I turned around quickly, startled to hear an unfamiliar voice. He looked older than me, and his size was slightly intimidating but his smile, Nicole’s reaction, and the fact that he was wearing a police badge made me trust just a little bit more. ‘Just a little misunderstanding,’ Nicole assured, ‘Will, Todd, this is Connor’
‘Hi,’ he waved, ‘yeah when I first came here I was looking for survivors, but all they saw was my gun and assumed I was here to rob them.’
We've had some bad experiences,’ I said, still slightly untrusting
‘So I've heard, when I came in a saw this one,’ Connor gestured to Daniel, ‘reaching for a gun on the floor and I reacted a bit harshly’
‘But no one was hurt so no harm done,’ Nicole said, but she sounded like she was trying to convince him not me. Connor looked at her embarrassed ‘I haven’t been a policeman for long,’ he explained, ‘I don’t think my instincts are up to scratch’
‘Lucky for me neither is your aim,’ Daniel joked, but with a solemn expression. We all smiled slightly but I dreaded what was coming ‘Nicole, we need to talk.’

A few hours later everyone had been caught up. Connor and Todd were discussing weapons, Connor had brought with him two more hand guns and a helpful amount of ammo. We decided the spare gun would go to Monica, who Todd had already been teaching to shoot. Nicole had to overcome the shock of Caleb’s death quickly because Simon’s fever had worsened and Daphne began screaming until Nicole took the medicine to him and got to work, now he was beginning to feel better and Nicole felt confident that he would recover. Nicole, Brooke and I had sorted out what we had gathered from the hospital and put it into bags.

It was becoming dark when Todd and Connor, who had been talking for a while, approached Brooke, Nicole and me. ‘We've been talking,’ Connor began, ‘I don’t think this place is very safe… for any of us’
‘I told about those raiders,’ Todd added
‘Yes and its more than likely that there will be more like them and you may not get off as easy as you did last time’
‘I agree,’ I said, ‘I mean it’s not like we decided to stay here forever, we only came here to get medicine for Simon and now we have that’
‘I would wait a few days before we start moving,’ Nicole interjected, ‘Simon’s wounds might be healing well but who knows what’s going to happen with this infection, and we all know how dangerous it can be on the road’
‘And you think it’s safer here?’ Todd asked
We've been fine ever since you left, who says we won’t be safe here?’ Brooke added
‘I do,’ Todd replied, ‘right now the dead are scattered, there feeding on the families still in their homes and the people who don’t have the defenses or the sense we do, but eventually their food source is going to run out and their going to come looking for fresher meat.’ Nicole cringed at the last comment, I think the fear of what comes next was starting to set in.

When we were moving towards and through the hospital we had drive, purpose. Now everything has stopped moving, now we needed to find safety, and a steady source of food and water. We had regained some stability by regrouping and bringing the medicine, but now we needed to look further into the future and think about what we should do next. We don’t know that the clinic offers the best chance at giving us that stability ‘what do you suggest,’ I asked Connor, I had to know what he had in mind
‘Before I came here I was staying in the police station a little while from here,’ he replied to the group, but Brooke shook her head in protest
‘We can’t do that,’ she said incredulously, ‘police stations are where all those panicked people were running to, half of them were bitten, or vaccinated that place is probably overrun by now’
‘No,’ Connor replied quickly, ‘yes those people gathered at the police station, and yes some of them were infected, but then the army came’
‘The army?’ several of us said at once
‘They took control of the situation,’ Connor explained, ‘They took away most of the people, checking to see if they were infected first, if they were then-then they were killed,’ Connor stared at the floor as he finished. I put my hand on his shoulder and after a while he continued, ‘eventually the crowd began to riot over fear of attack and anger over seeing the infected being killed,’ he paused again and closed his eyes, ‘so the army killed them all and drove off.’

I was horrified at what I had heard, I could hardly imagine so many people dying at one point, although even more horrifying was the part of me that said that it was a smart decision and the right thing to do. I felt sorry for Connor, he seemed like a good man, the fact that he was hurt by what had happened was a testament to that. ‘How many people are left at the police station?’ Todd asked after giving Connor a moment to regain his composure
‘After the army left, just me,’ Connor replied, ‘most of the others left with the army but,’ Connor paused, shaking his head, ‘I wasn't going to go with them’
‘You stayed behind on your own?’ Nicole asked, amazed that he had the courage to do that
‘I wasn't alone for long,’ Connor smiled, ‘a little while after the army trucks left two civilians showed up, they had hidden from some of the dead and that had delayed them enough so they missed the trucks, I wonder if that saved their lives. Their still at the station in case others turn up.’

After a while of considering it I spoke first, ‘I think we should go, the more people we have, up to a certain point, the more chance we have of surviving. And a police station is probably more defensible than a clinic’
I've always agreed with Connor,’ Todd said, ‘this place was never intended to be permanent, just while Simon was injured’
‘It’s probably for the best,’ Nicole relented, ‘but I’m going to make sure Simon’s okay before we go and I’m going to take some of the equipment with me.’ Brooke just shrugged after Nicole’s statement, after this time without Todd and Will she had learned to trust Nicole’s judgment.

Daniel had no protests, and Daphne agreed after Nicole reassured her Simon would be okay to be moved. So it was decided that we would leave the clinic and head towards the police station, Todd pulled out a map and found the perfect route that would avoid most dangerous areas. I felt more confident now, we had some of that drive back, and we had become a team now, not just a group of people hiding from the dead, but a team hell bent on surviving this apocalypse, but it was long from over.

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