How are we going to get out of this? We have an army of undead all around and god knows where we are! I know that there is little to no chance of us surviving, even if we make it through this challenge, there will just be another waiting for us. And while the enemy grows with each fallen survivor our numbers only grow smaller, and our resources dwindle more and more. What’s the point in fighting, if there’s no hope of victory?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Haven Chapter 17

Chapter 17

            “Wait! Wait!” A woman’s voice shouted out from outside. I turned to where the voice came from and saw a woman wearing a tattered dress came running through the open door. It was an odd sight, her dress was bright a colourful even if it was tattered and her hair was long and blond a strangely clean, but she was also wearing huge combat boots a few sizes too big and holding a large rifle. “I saw their cars outside, they’re not undead!” She panted, out of breath.

            There were two others, the ones pointing their guns at our heads, one looked like a young man, probably younger than me, with a pistol. The other was older, I assumed he was the leader, holding a rifle just like the woman’s. There some long moments when they just sat pointing their guns at us, I knew we had the numbers but even if we tried to attack at least half of us would be dead before any of us fired a shot. “What’s wrong?” The woman asked confused, “why are you still”-
            “Because the fact that we’re alive doesn’t mean we’re not a threat,” I pre-empted her question, there was no way a gunfight would end well, our only chance was if I could talk our way out of this.
            “He’s right,” the older man spoke finally, but I could tell from his voice he wanted to shoot us just as much as I did, “if we lower our weapons what’s to stop him from shooting us?”
            “We wouldn’t do that,” Connor assured a bit more desperately than I would have liked, “look I used to be a police officer you can trust me”
            “Yeah ‘cause the police were all saints before yeah?” The younger man pitched in sneering
            “Pete,” the woman sighed exasperatedly
            “Lindsey, go outside, and take all but two of these guys with you, carefully,” the older man said to the woman, then turned to me, “we can talk, but we keeping our guns where they are, the rest of your people won’t be harmed, unless they try something.”
            I nodded, and the rest of our group started to move through the door, lead by Lindsey and her rifle. Connor tried to stay, but I gestured for him to go, and grabbed Brookes arm instead. “I can help,” Connor argued quietly
            “Yes you can, outside,” I replied, “make sure no one does anything stupid.” Connor left, and I could feel the eyes of the older man, judging me. “My name’s Greg,” he introduced himself gruffly, “the delinquent here’s Pete.” Pete looked shocked at his description

            “I’m Todd, this is Brooke, and we’re not here to hurt anyone,” I replied as calmly as I could
            “I believe you, but not enough to let you run off, you understand,” he said a bit patronisingly
            “So what do we do?” Brooke spoke
            He sighed before replying, “I’m part of a larger group, and if I let you go and it bites us in the ass it’ll be my head.” He fell silent and thought for a while, I thought about saying something but thought the better of it.
            Eventually he spoke, “I trust you enough not to shoot you on the spot, and even if I let you go we could miss a big opportunity”
            “Oppurtunity for what,” I thought I knew what he meant, but I wasn’t 100% convinced either
            “Trade, diplomacy, alliance, whatever you want to call it.” I breathed a sigh of relief, I don’t know what else he could have meant, but I had to be sure, “So what’s next?”
            “I contact our fearless leader is what’s next”
            “Really?” even the boy was surprised, “do you think that’s necessary?”
            “Do you feel qualified to make a decision for 156 people?” Greg asked him sarcastically.

My mouthed must’ve been open for a solid 5 minutes, 156 people? That’s was how big these people’s group was? I couldn’t even believe there were that many people alive let alone in the same place. No wonder they were so cautious about strangers, that a lot of responsibility. I felt the weight of 13 people, I could only imagine what kind of person had the strength to lead a group of that size. Brooke’s voice reminded me to close my mouth, “are you the group that was collected by the military?” I almost yelled when I realised what that would mean, all of us had lost families and we know that at least Nicole’s family were in that group. But my hopes were raised too soon
“No,” Greg replied sadly
“No one knows what happened to them, last we heard they were headed for Melbourne,” even Pete was serious, I assumed everyone had lost someone in these past few months.

We were quiet for a while, lost in our memories, but I shook myself out of it, and focused on what was ahead, 156 people was hope enough for now. “How do you contact your people, radios?” I wanted, needed to find out more
“No, too many raiding groups, not enough radios, people need to eat and we have a lot of people,” as Greg spoke I still felt like I was dreaming, “we use smoke signals, a few brainiacs back home figured a way to have coloured smoke, it doesn’t draw zombies and it allows for some simple signals.” As he spoke he didn’t move and at first I was confused, until I remembered they still had guns pointed at our chests.
I considered my options for a moment and then came to a decision. I dropped my gun, “I’m willing to trust you, if you trust me” Brooke looked concerned to say the least, “we’ll drop our guns, give you the keys to our cars, if you lower your guns and let us met your leader”
“’Let you’ meet our leader?” he asked amused
“I’ll admit I’m more than excited to find a group as large as yours,” I did my best non-threatening smile as I spoke, and apparently it worked.

He lowered his weapon, and after an annoyed grunt so did Pete. We walked outside and he told Lindsey to do the same, I could see Connor was negotiating too, and from the astounded looks on the others’ faces (except for Monica, nothing shocks that woman) I could tell they heard the news too. 156 people. Finally there was some hope that somewhere a family remained intact, that a group of teenagers didn’t have to run for their lives or scrounge for food. Greg lit a strange tube of fire and a ton of Blue smoke came pouring out of it, rising into the air. I don’t know what will happen in these negotiations, hell we could still be shot. But for once that bad feeling in the pit of my stomach receded. Things were going to be alright.

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