How are we going to get out of this? We have an army of undead all around and god knows where we are! I know that there is little to no chance of us surviving, even if we make it through this challenge, there will just be another waiting for us. And while the enemy grows with each fallen survivor our numbers only grow smaller, and our resources dwindle more and more. What’s the point in fighting, if there’s no hope of victory?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Haven Chapter 9

Chapter 9:

Will, Nicole, and the others drove toward the warehouse in silence after our talk, partly due to the fear of the dead following, and partly due to the concern they had for those left behind. In the Ute Steven was driving, with Brooke, Monica, and as much supplies as they could gather in the back, leaving Will, Nicole, Daphne and Andria in the people carrier.

The two cars had communicated occasionally via the radio, conferring about whether to avoid a small group of the dead or dealing with them, but apart from essential communication the lines were dead. Andria toyed with the radio, trying to find signs of anyone else alive, but all she got back was static. Daphne stared out the window the whole trip, only glancing away when I called in over the radio, everyone could tell where her mind was, with Simon. Nicole had pulled out a collection of maps we had collected, and was looking at the area surrounding the warehouse. Will was driving, his hands were once more firmly grasping the wheel, reminiscent of the beginning of this... apocalypse.

It was Nicole who finally, and gratefully broke the silence, ‘So this warehouse, what is it like?’
Will was confused, ‘What do you mean?’
‘How big was it? Was it just one big room? What kind of condition was it in?’ It was a lot of questions, and Will couldn’t answer straight away, he was still breaking out of his silent contemplation. But eventually he found his words, ‘It was big, not as big as some others I’ve seen though, and in good condition except for a few… bodies,’ as he spoke his voice became stronger, but at the last word his voice shook worse than before. But his strength returned as he shook the thought of me and the others sharing the marauders’ fate, ‘it was mostly one big room, except I think there was one, maybe two smaller offices. Why did you want to know?’
‘Tactics,’ Nicole replied, ‘we should use one of those smaller rooms to store the weapons and the generator, they’ll be safer there’
‘That’s a good idea,’ Andria chimed in from one of the back seats, ‘was it clear?’ she asked, turning back to Will
‘No,’ he answered, ‘It had all these tall storage shelve things’
‘If we can move them we might be able to separate the space even more,’ Andria suggested logically.

Nicole smiled and breathed out heavily, she knew if they drove in silence for much longer someone would begin to panic. But she realised it may have been too late as Daphne spoke up from the far end of the vehicle, ‘what is the point? Rooms, weapons, defence, what does it all matter if we’re all going to die anyway,’ Nicole could see her words affecting Will and Andria as their faces became more and more sad and melancholy. To Nicole’s dismay Daphne wasn’t finished, ‘lets face it, there is nothing we have done or will ever do that could change the fact that the world we knew is dead, and soon enough we’ll be dead along with it.’
‘You’re wrong,’ Nicole spoke firmly, and the others all turned to her, but she had nothing else to say, ‘you’re wrong,’ she spoke again quietly, her eyes focused on the road ahead.

            When they finally made it to the warehouse they all left the cars, and Nicole could see that Brooke and Steven had just a pleasant of a trip as she had. Will had been right about the warehouse, it was quite large, but not so large as to make her worried about the parts the others hadn’t yet explored. And apart from several nauseating blood trails it was still in good condition. The door was of some concern though, the main entrance was two thin wooden doors each with a glass window that had been smashed through, it would have to be reinforced to give any form of protection from the hordes of dead that may attack.

            Will and Steven parted the cars in a position easily accessible, and pointing away from the warehouse in case the need arises for a quick escape. Nicole and Daphne sat in the driver’s seats as the others grabbed some handguns, and Brooke the rifle, and began to search inside. Will had made the point that just because it was clear of zombies the last time they were here doesn’t mean it will still be clear and safe now. It was a good ten minutes before Will emerged from the warehouse, holstering his weapon calmly, and gestured that it was safe to enter.

The warehouse had more infrastructure than Nicole thought, there were metal covers over the electrical wires that ran throughout the main room, heaters on the walls, and even ventilation shafts that criss-crossed across the rooves and walls. ‘I wonder if Daniel will be able get those heaters working using the generator,’ Will thought aloud, ‘you know if’-
‘-if he comes back,’ Daphne interrupted him
‘-if it gets cold,’ Will finished quietly, then walked away towards the office room.
Brooke was fed up with Daphne’s attitude, and with that last comment she thought it was time to have a talk about it. ‘Daphne,’ Brooke found her alone looking through one of the boxes that still remained, ‘you have to stop’
‘Stop what?’ Daphne replied bitterly, ‘stop saying what I’m feeling? What everyone’s feeling? Why?’
‘Because if you keep talking like we’re all going to die someone actually will,’ Brooke’s words made Daphne look up sharply and Brooke could see tears in her eyes, but she knew she could stop there. ‘Because they were sad, because they had given up, or because your constant depression made them stop fighting,’ she continued relentlessly, ‘we need to stay strong here, we need to survive. Even if’- she paused to give herself down and be gentle-‘even if the others don’t come back.’ When she stopped Daphne finally broke and began to sob quietly.Her frustration gave way to pity, and Brooke gave her a hug, and Daphne clung onto her fiercely. ‘Simon is back there fighting for a way to give us a better chance at surviving,’ Brooke spoke quieter than before, ‘and even if he doesn’t come back you have to keep fighting. He wouldn’t want you to give up now.’

Brooke and Daphne stayed that way for a while, until Daphne finally pulled back and rubbed her eyes. When she looked at Brooke she could see the fire and determination had returned, and she smiled. Daphne smiled back and said softly, ‘thank you.’ It was then that Steven found them, clutching something in his hands, ‘look,’ he opened his hands revealed broken food wrappers and water bottles, ‘they weren’t here before, someone’s been here before us.’

But before either of them could react a section of the ventilation broke away from the wall, and fell straight onto Steven’s head.

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