How are we going to get out of this? We have an army of undead all around and god knows where we are! I know that there is little to no chance of us surviving, even if we make it through this challenge, there will just be another waiting for us. And while the enemy grows with each fallen survivor our numbers only grow smaller, and our resources dwindle more and more. What’s the point in fighting, if there’s no hope of victory?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Haven Chapter 21

            Chapter 21

            “What the hell are you doing here?” Malcolm seethed through clenched teeth
            “I wanted to help,” Emma replied defiantly, “I know I can, if you guys would just give me a chance”
            “How is hiding in our boot going to help us?”
            “I was going to come out when you got here and help scavenge, but then those other guys showed up so I hid,” Emma seemed genuinely scared, “Malcolm, what’s happening?”
            “These people are from another group, a resistance of over 100 people, Todd, Connor, and Brooke are inside negotiating right now,” Malcolm answered, and the both of them glanced towards the station. “It’s frustrating, I have no way of knowing if things are going well, If it’s a trap, or they think we’re too dangerous…” his voice trailed away.

            The two of them were relatively new to the group, but in days like these, when your forced to rely on others so much, you form bonds easily. Malcolm trusted and relied on us more than he’d admit, after he was injured we took care of him, if it wasn’t for our efforts he would be dead. And a part of him knew that other groups might not have wasted the time and resources it took to nurse him back to health.

            Emma trusted us, but she was determined not to rely on us too much. Instead she wanted us to rely on her. In these situations the best way to ensure that is to be useful, and killing zombies and scavenging supplies is the only useful thing she knew how to do. But we still treated her as a child, and it infuriated her. She could be useful, she knew it, and she would prove it to us. “I’ll go check, see if I can see anything,” she said eagerly and darted off towards the station, hiding behind cars to stay out of sight. “Emma!” Malcolm hissed again, but it was too late, she was gone, for a moment he considered following, but Pete’s voice stopped him
            “What are you doing over there?” he called, suspicious
            “Nothing, I’m- nothing,” Malcolm glanced over to where Emma was as she disappeared into the station, then swore under his breath, and sat back in his previous position.

            We were rattled, that’s for sure, but Brooke put her hand on my shoulder and I regained my composure, these negotiations were too important to risk everything just for a chance to get rid of Anthony. Although the thought was tempting. I glanced at Connor, and he looked confused, and then I remembered that he wasn’t with us during our first encounter with the marauders, and he had no idea of who or what had startled us. “Are you alright?” Jacobs asked, slightly concerned
            “Fine we’re just”-
            “We’re just happy you trust us,” Brooke interrupted
            “I never said that,” Jacobs responded slyly, “remember that I still have five men outside with guns all pointed at your friends, this negotiation isn’t over yet”
“Why?” I asked, still a little thrown, and I made sure to keep an eye on Anthony, I still had no idea what he was doing here, with them, “we have something you can use, you have something we can use, we should join forces"
“Well let’s say I trusted you completely and you trusted me, we still have a lot to talk about, for example,” she leant forward, hands on the table like mine, “where would we go, is your base large enough to handle so many people? Is my base as defendable? And it would obviously be much easier to move your group than move mine”

I opened my mouth to answer, but I realised any information I give her about our home I was also giving Anthony, and that’s a risk I couldn’t take
“Hmm, see? You don’t trust me yet either,” she smiled smugly, and I swore internally.
What was he doing here? We knew he escaped the fate of the other marauders but how did he end up with the resistance? I must have underestimated him if he managed to convince Jacobs that he could be trusted, hell she even picked him to be a part of the negotiations. And now his very presence is derailing this talk, and any hope I had of controlling these negotiations had gone out the window. But that was before Brooke spoke.

“We may not be able to give you information about our base, but we do have other information, information you might find very interesting,” as she spoke she looked Anthony right in the eye, and I instantly realised what she meant. If we assume that the resistance is in any way morally good, then Anthony’s actions and history is enough to get him kicked out, if he’s lucky. But would they take our word for it? We had to have proof. Then things clicked, and I knew how we could prove it, Emma’s brother’s necklace, if Emma recognised it it would prove her story, and condemn Anthony.  “What kind of information?” Jacobs asked curiously.

Once again I opened my mouth to speak but once again nothing came out, but this time it was because Anthony, hiding behind Greg and Jacobs’ backs, was holding a side arm, and it was pointed straight at Jacobs’ head. And that wasn’t the only thing I saw that left me speechless.

            Emma crept silently through the broken halls of the police station, careful to make as little noise as possible. She wished she had asked Malcolm which room they were in, but she wondered if he even knew, but eventually she heard noises from a room just ahead, “What kind of information?” she heard a woman say, Emma assumed it was the resistance leader. Silently and slowly she moved towards the room, she could see the back of two men’s heads, she could tell they weren’t Connor and I, so she could assume her friends sat on the other side of the room. Unable to resist looking she raised her head slowly, peeking into the room, and making eye contact with me almost instantly.

            I froze, the situation unfolding in front of me was a nightmare. A tense negotiation, the leader of a large resistance, Anthony with a gun, and Emma, far away from safety, almost inches away from the man who ruined her life, and had the potential to ruin so much more. I had to think quickly, I had to do something, anything to stop what was about to happen, but I didn’t have much time.

            “Well?” Jacobs replied confused, “what is this important information?”
            I search for words, and then an idea came to me, “Connor,” I blurted out
            “Eh?” Connor actually managed to tear his eyes away from Anthony’s gun in shock
            “He’s a police officer, he was there when the army took everyone away, he knows things, useful things,” I glanced up at him, trying to convince him with my eyes
            “Uh… yeah, yeah sure, I’m know about other stations, places that can be built up for defence”-
            “We already have a policemen in our ranks,” Jacobs replied unimpressed, “several actually, so, what were you really going to tell me?” she caught on to my bluff. I couldn’t focus, my eyes kept flying between Jacobs, Emma, and Anthony, trying to figure out how to fix this, when once again something went wrong.
            “What are you looking at?” Greg asked confused and turned around just as Emma ducked under the window, but it was too late “there’s someone out there,” he told Jacobs, and he marched through the door as Anthony hid the gun quickly out of sight, but not completely away.

            Internally I was screaming, I couldn’t think, I could act, I couldn’t imagine what would happen next. I wanted to dive for one of the rifles, but I knew that I was out numbered, and if I acted rashly it could cost the lives of everyone outside, not just mine. I wished Jade was here. I wish Will and Nicole were here, they’d know what to do. I glanced at Brooke, she gestured for me to breath, but she looked just as concerned as I did.

            Greg came back into the room, dragging Emma with him, “this one of yours I take it?” he asked grimly
            I wondered if I could deny it, but I didn’t want to risk Emma’s life, “yes, but I didn’t bring her with me I swear, and if I had I wouldn’t have asked her to spy on”-
            “Quiet,” Jacobs said sternly, and I could see the fury in her eyes, “Kyle, take this one outside and shoot her as an example.” My heart stopped as Anthony stepped forward, clearly he had taken the name of the man he had left for dead. I had to save Emma. I was ready to leap for the rifle, when finally Emma looked up at the man walking towards her, “you!” I could hear the pain in her voice
            “Kyle do you know her?” Greg asked struggling to keep a hold of Emma as she tried to reach for him, her hands curled into claws
            “No I”-
            “You bastard, I’ll kill you!” I understood what she had gone through, but the ferocity in her voice scared even me, “you took everything from me, give it back! Give him back!”
            “Emma calm down!” I tried to stop her, she didn’t know Anthony had a gun, and neither did Jacobs
            “Quiet, now tell me what did he take?” Jacobs moved closer to Anthony, suspicious
            “Everything,” she seethed
            “Her brother’s necklace,” Connor said trying to help, but it didn’t.

            Jacobs quickly grabbed at Anthony’s neck, and came away with a necklace made out of a shark’s tooth. “Give it,”- Emma began, but Anthony reacted first, in a quick motion he threw out an elbow, and hit Jacobs’ head, sending her to the floor, and with the other hand we pointed his gun at Emma. We reacted almost instantly Brooke leapt for Anthony while I ran for Emma, and Connor made for the rifles. But we were too slow and Anthony fired, just as Greg threw Emma to the floor, then he took the bullet meant for her right in his neck. As he fell Brooke reached Anthony and grabbed his gun, trying to pull it away from him, but all she did was pull the barrel towards her as he pulled the trigger again, firing two bullets straight into Brooke’s chest.

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